Inventor Joints vs Constraints

Which is the better tool when putting an assembly together, joints or constraints.  Myself being a long time user of Inventor I am so into constraints it just is not funny.  On the official front, Autodesk has stated that it is a newer better faster way of modelling in Inventor. Is this true? I have […]

Find and Replace for Inventor

When working on a design you can probably only guarantee one thing and that is change.  Whether it is the client changing their mind, the design of someone you are collaborating with, forces you to do a design change or maybe the fact that a deadline is looming and you need to start thinking off […]

Inventor – Managing Large assemblies

When working with large assemblies you will find that you will spend a good chunk of your time waiting.  Now time is money and when designing waiting is inevitable but how can we manage this. The first thing to look at is your hardware specs.  It is no use trying to create complex assemblies with […]

Inventor – Sick constraints and rebuild all

When working in Inventor you will definitely have experienced sick constraints.  You apply a constraint and the little blue wheel starts to turn where you cursor is and then an error dialog box pops. up.  It tells you there are errors and asks if you want to edit, cancel or accept the changes you just […]

Inventor or Fusion 360?

There have been many a discussion on whether Autodesk is prepping Fusion 360 to be the new kid on the block.  As Inventor took over Mechanical Desktop, they say that Fusion 360 is going to takeover Inventor. My opinion, it is definitely not. Over the last few releases of Inventor we have seen how the […]

Downloading and installing Autodesk software

A question that we get asked often is where can I download my Autodesk software. All the documentation points to the Autodesk account but I have found that it can be difficult sometimes.  One of the main reasons that software cannot be downloaded is that it has not been assigned to you by the administrator […]

Fusion 360 Extensions

Autodesk Fusion 360  has advanced itself in a way that has left many a person speechless.  The trajectory it has taken both in user uptake and inclusion of some mind blowing technology has been nothing short of amazing. It is an all in one platform which incorporates everything you could ever want in a CAD/CAM […]

Copy Tool in Inventor assembly

Copying parts and assemblies in Inventor does not need to be a difficult operation.  In this video I demonstrate how to use both the copy tool as well as CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy assemblies with their constraints. People, Systems and Businesses Perform better with Micrographics. Our highly experienced Application Engineers can assist you with: […]

Inventor Folders

Have you used Inventor folders in the assembly environment. This short video explains how to create folders, what can be done to the components that reside inside them and explains their functionality within the Inventor environment. People, Systems and Businesses Perform better with Micrographics. Our highly experienced Application Engineers can assist you with: Autodesk Support, […]

Replace components in an Assembly

If you are not using the Autodesk Vault, you might find yourself in a bit of a bind when trying to replace components with other parts or just managing your assembly. In this video I will show a bit of a tip and trick when it comes to replacing many parts with similar shaped but […]